Eye Makeup: The Basics

The eyes are considered as the shadow to the soul.(http://www.biothermlashes.com/eyelash vendors) It is the most prominent part of the body. Therefore it is important that you make your eyes beautiful at all times. You can make this possible by first ensuring healthy eyes. You can also use eye 3d mink lashes dropshipping to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Applying eye 3d mink lashes dropshipping can be enjoyable, but you have to remember some simple tips to ensure a beautiful outcome. Pick the eye shadow color that will flatter most of your looks and mood. Always have eyeliner that can enhance the strength of your eyes and a mascara to increase volume.

3d mink lashes dropshipping
3d mink lashes dropshipping

Types of Eye Makeup

Eye makeup varies on the types of eyes. It is important to know what kind of techniques to use on a certain shape of the eye. In this way, you will obtain the perfect look you are dreaming of.

For small eyes, it is best to use a light powder shade placed at the lid center and a darker one at the outer edge. For almond-shaped eyes, light powder tint from the lashes to the brow area, medium tint for the lid and darker tint on the outer area of the eyelids. For round eyes, light hue on the entire eyelid and dark hue at the crease. It is also helpful to use eyeliner at the bottom and top part of the eyelids. For wide-set eyes, use a darker hue at the inner corner and concentrated eyeliner and mascara at the inner corners of the eyes. For close-set eyes, a single color with different shades is an advantage. Proper blending is a must when applying the shades. For deep-set eyes, use eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelids to accentuate the eyes.

Tips and Tricks

In putting on eye makeup, you should consider a lot of tips and tricks to achieve your desired look. Apply the lightest tint on the entire eyelid, the medium tint over the lower lid and the darkest tint on the outer corners of the eyes. Applying the eyeliner must be done with short strokes. Don’t forget to use a mascara to finish your look. It is advisable to avoid bold eye makeup with a bold lipstick.

Above all, it is important to learn all these techniques about eye 3d mink lashes dropshipping, but always remember to highlight your natural beauty. Accentuate your assets and hide all your flaws.

3d mink lashes dropshipping
3d mink lashes dropshipping

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