Eye Makeup Techniques and Eye Makeup Tricks Exposed

Like many of you looking to achieve beautiful eye band false lashes extension, I am constantly learning and researching tips for improving my eye makeup capabilities. Over time I have reached the conclusion that eye makeup application is not that difficult once you learn some of the “special” eye makeup techniques and eye makeup tricks. Join me as we learn how to apply professional looking eye makeup step by step.

Step 1: “Choose Eye-Shadow Colors Carefully”

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Select eye-shadow colors that contrast with or heighten the coloration of your eyes instead of matching it precisely. Violet eye shadow, for instance, exposes the green in hazel eyes; topaz causes brown eyes to look deeper. Mauve, coral and gray are complimentary to blue eyes.

Eye shadow ought to also enhance your skin tone and the color in your clothing. Softened shades appear most effective in the daytime; use iridescent or brilliant colors at night, if at all.

Step 2: “Determine Your Eye Factors”

Hopefully you have noticed by now that not everyone has the same shaped eyes. This fact is very important as it will determine the eye band false lashes extension technique for applying eye- shadow. So before you proceed any further, stop and examine your eye shape by looking in a mirror or have someone else observe and tell you whether your eyes are:

  • classic egg-shaped (oval) or not
  • small and recessed or striking
  • close together (close set) or wide apart (wide set).

These three factors play a prominent part in the eye band false lashes extension application that follows, so it is vital that you are as accurate as possible with your observation. Perhaps have several people help with this step for a better result.

Step 3: “Shading Tips”

If your eyes are the classic egg-shaped, apply a medium shade from the eye crease to the eyelashes, a somewhat darker shade on the eye crease, and a light shadow along the browbone. Blend in the colors upwards and out. If you eyes are less than perfect ovals, you are able to redefine their shape with shadow. Bear in mind that a light color will bring an eye area forwards; a dark color will reduce it.

To make small or sunken eyes seem bigger, use a pale shade from the browbone to the lashes. Broaden them even more by employing a small “V” of slightly darker shade just on the far side of the outer eye corners. Large eyes will appear smaller if you use a dark shade all over the full lid just about to the browbone.

To make close-set eyes appear farther separated, use a pale shade on the third of the eyelids nearest the nose, a darker shade close to the temple. Reverse this to cause wide-set eyes to appear closer together.

Step 4: “Shaping Techniques”

Utilize a liquid or pencil eyeliner to accent shape. Draw a thin line as near the eyelashes as possible, as well on the outer third of the lower lid; smear it lightly for a natural look.

Step 5: “Mascara Tricks”

For a “wide-awake” effect, use an eyelash curler prior to putting on mascara. Hold up the curler near the base of the eyelashes and squeeze; count to three, then let go. Move the curler further out towards the tips of the lashes and squeeze once again.

Put on mascara with your eyes open. Grasping the wand vertically, coat the tips of the upper eyelashes, and then drag the wand horizontally across the lashes from base to tips. If you wish, you can likewise brush mascara to the lower lashes. If any eyelashes bunch up, divide them with the wand tip. Employ a cotton swab for cleanups.

Congratulations! If you closely followed the basic eye makeup techniques and eye makeup tricks as directed above, you should now be looking at some beautiful eye makeup. If you did not get the results you wanted, please try again. Like most things in life, whether learning to ride a bicycle, learning to skate, etc., it all gets easier and better with practice. In no time at all you will be able to apply such perfect eye makeup that your friends will think you paid to have it done!

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