Lightning Fast Makeup Application Tips For the Busy Modern Woman

The hectic work schedules of the modern day business woman encounters make it hard to find time for custom eyelash packaging eyelashes application. ( vendors) The same goes for mothers with children that need tending to. It is stressing to have to bring the kids to school looking like you just woke up.

Don’t fret because you don’t have much time. You can maintain high expectations with some simple short cuts. A plan of action can really make the difference. You can appear as if you tediously applied your custom eyelash packaging eyelashes within a tight time frame.

Cosmetics are designed to enhance your natural beauty, so don’t go too far. You really only need the basics: an excellent moisturizer, foundation, blush, mascara. Eye shadow and eye liner are also an option.

custom eyelash packaging eyelashes
custom eyelash packaging eyelashes

Applying foundation

First, always use a moisturizer on your face. Your skin needs it, and you shouldn’t skip this unless you have overly oily skin.

If you have perfect skin, skip the foundation. Applying foundation is the most time consuming thing that needs to be done. Unfortunately, most of us need it.

The quickest way to apply foundation is to simply “dot”, or quickly tap, your face with it. Get your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Then with a slightly damp cloth smooth it out until it is blended properly. You want to make upward strokes. You could also use a sponge for smoothing it out.

Eye shadow tips

We all like fancy eye shadow work, but for a quick application it is imperative that you only use one color. When your time is limited you don’t have much of a choice. Remember, you are trying to look great within a tight time frame.

Apply only a tiny amount of eye shadow to the eyelid to save time. You are basically using the eye shadow as an eyeliner.

Other eye custom eyelash packaging eyelashes tips

Quickly add a bit of mascara to your eyelashes, it’s a quick and easy way of enhancing your eyes. Along with the eye shadow that acts as a liner, your eyes will look great.

If you’ve awoken with those dreaded dark circles, don’t worry. Quickly apply some eye concealer and you’re ready to go. Make sure to only use eye concealer when you actually have dark circles as it is an unnecessary waste of time otherwise.

Finishing up with some blush and lipstick

Now that you’ve got your foundation, eyeshadow, eye concealer and mascara on it’s time for the final elements.

Add a tiny bit of blush to your cheekbones and brush it towards your ears.

Next, apply a little lipstick and there you go! Out the door, looking great, in no time. When you get good at this you can do all of these steps in a couple of minutes.

Some people aren’t fond of using eye shadow as an eye liner. If you’re one of those people, get a quality liquid black eyeliner instead. It doesn’t take much time once you get used to applying it.

Applying a bronzer  is a great way to give custom eyelash packaging eyelashes skin a wonderful bronze shine and doesn’t take much time to apply. About as much effort as blush is needed.

custom eyelash packaging eyelashes
custom eyelash packaging eyelashes

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