Is Your MLM Upline A Real Leader Or A Fake?

Today is a big day for me. I just received an email from an ex upline mentor that I worked with a while back. Before we get into what he wrote to me, I want to share a few things here with you. Many great people are failing in network naked band 3D mink lashes because of the lack of upline support or they have an upline and they just don’t take the time to recognize many of their downline or train them.

naked band 3D mink lashes
naked band 3D mink lashes

Vxhair of the concepts of building a mlm business that upline’s teach just don’t work for everyone and theirs nothing wrong with that. So many distributors go off on their own to learn what will work for them. As they should. Sound familiar? So what happens? The people in their downline start to quit and find another company to work with. Myself included. However I learned a lot from my ex mlm upline sponsor. We got a long very well. We even did company training calls together. It was a lot of fun.

Many network marketers realize that their comes a time when what is being taught to them by naked band 3D mink lashes leaders just isn’t a good fit for them. This is no secret! This is what happen to me. So I decided to stop building my business after a while in naked band 3D mink lashes and go out on my own and do some research on more effective ways to build a network marketing business. This is when I learned how to do some marketing, traffic and lead generation. I also learned the concept of funded proposals.

I started to see success when I decided to combine all that I learned. However it took me to be a leader and make it happen for myself. Of course in the process my ex mlm upline and I stopped working together. MLM upline leaders also teach self improvement, how to think positive, read books and listen to self-help tapes that teach how to live an abundant lifestyle without focusing on the problems of life and focus on success. I agree with all this. It’s an important part of being a successful business owner. I learned these same concepts from my ex upline along with other leaders in the self help field. I think you would agree.

When you start to become a success people will make the attempt to cut you down and rip you apart. This is actually a good thing because this means people are starting to recognize you and they have nothing else to do but bring someone else down. I expect this from curtain people in network marketing. But today is a big day for me. Why? After a year or so, the last person I would expect to lash out at me making the attempt to cut me down was my EX Upline that I though was a great successful guy.

I have to say it kinda hurt inside to get an email from this successful leader cutting me down. I’m sure my leaders out their would feel the same way. All I do is my best to help other home business professionals when it comes to traffic and lead generation for their network marketing business. This happens a lot to many leaders in network marketing. Just another testament why people quit and go to another company. So you got to ask yourself, although your naked band 3D mink lashes my be successful, do they actually lead by example?

naked band 3D mink lashes
naked band 3D mink lashes

Here’s what I can’t believe. My Ex upline is an Instructor on Mike Dillars MagneticSponsoring Community Site. No need to give you his name. Can you guess who he is? Just know he’s in your community.

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